Continuing Education

Ethics- 2 Hours

The Ethics CEU course is designed for all financial counselors. It reviews the code of ethics and dives deeper into ethical behavior in business, counseling and leadership situations.

This is a continuing education course. Students who successfully complete this course will receive 2 credit hours of continuing education credit. This course is not instructor-led and does not award a certification upon completion. Students interested in an instructor-led experience and certification should explore our certification programs.
  • Join the Community
  • Module 1: Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Module 2: Client Relationships and Boundaries
  • Module 3: Diversity, Client Rights and Confidentiality
  • Module 4: Unauthorized Practice of Law or Therapy
  • Module 5: Employee and Employer Relationships and Professional Development
  • NACCC Code of Ethics
  • Ethics Test
  • Course Survey (clone)
  • Join the Community (clone)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed